• Wheel Alignment

  • Tires should be checked regularly in the same way you check your oil and water level every day, this is because if your tires are not well aligned, over inflated or under inflated, it till result to disturbing vibrations quick weakening of tires and even accidents. Misalignment or bad wheel alignment is a terrible thing, it can result in uneven wear out of your tires and damage your tires very quickly.

    Misalignment is caused by many factors which include:

    • Accidents
    • Minor collision
    • Bumpy roads
    • Pot holes

    There are some signals you will receive and notice whenever your vehicle is in need of an alignment, if you notice that your steering wheel is shaking or vibrating, your steering wheel is not in a straight line and also if there is uneven wear on your tires, all these signify bad wheel alignment.

    When you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above or any other strange thing about your vehicle, bring them down to Elite Euro Auto, our experienced technician will handle everything perfectly. They will inspect all the tires and carefully to determine which one is faulty or misaligned, they will also check all the suspensions for any fault, they will repair any damaged parts, and replace any part that need to be replaced.

    Once the repairs and replacement is done, your vehicle will be tested to ensure that all the vehicle is in perfect condition. Our certified and experienced technicians are expertly trained to provide your vehicles; irrespective of the make and model with the best wheel alignment you can ever get, we use the best tools based on your vehicle’s manufacturer standard to align your vehicles.

    Whether your vehicle require front end alignment or four wheel alignment, we are here for you and we will do the job perfectly for you so as for you to have a smooth ride in your car and stay safe