• Vehicle Inspection

  • Regular maintenance is the best thing you can do for yourself, it will save your time and money and also prevent your car from breaking down unexpectedly. Vehicle inspections is very important in the maintenance of a vehicle, this helps you to ensure that your vehicle is in good and proper condition and also to make sure that every part of your vehicle is operating securely.

    Vehicle inspection helps to control the right way to do vehicle maintenance. It also contributes to our safety when driving. At Elite Euro Auto, our certified technicians are well-trained in complete vehicle inspection, when you bring your vehicle to us, we will use our state of the art technology and equipment to find and fix any issue detected so as to prevent such problem from escalating to a major problem. Finding and fixing problems early is the best thing you can do to help yourself.

    Complete and total vehicle inspection is very necessary and should be done constantly but if you are very busy you may be doing it annually before you go for the renewal of your vehicle registration, it can also be done when you want to transfer or sell your vehicle. It is advisable to do your vehicle inspection regularly, this is because your vehicle has so many moving parts and if you don’t inspect your vehicle, things may go very bad before you realize it and this will also prevent you from having major repair when you bring down your vehicle to us.

    At Elite Euro Auto, we use the latest technology to do a full vehicle inspection of your vehicle by following a standard set of rules and we give you a full vehicle evaluation within minutes of your arrival. Our experienced technicians will perform deep inspection on every nook and cranny of your vehicle and if they found out anything, they will explain the problem found to you in a very simple language that you will understand and they will also tell you what they will do to repair or replace if it requires replacement.

    Our technicians will check everything about your vehicle, ranging from the engines, lights, fluid levels, belts, brakes, steering system, wipers, and glasses to the tires. We will check your vehicle visually and also use our high standard equipment to carryout deep and thorough inspection. The cost of the repair and services will be communicated to you in clear terms and the inspection will be carried out immediately. We do both preventive and corrective maintenance of vehicles.

    After everything, a road test will be carried out to ensure that the repair is effective and that everything is working accordingly 

    At Elite Euro Auto, we care for you as we care for your car but your safety and happiness is our top priority. We ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and well equipped road usage.

    All of our vehicle inspections are done in line with the rules and regulations made by the state of South Carolina.