• Steering System

  • Steering system is a collection of different elements and links that controls the car to follow a particular direction, it is in control of the direction of a vehicle. Steering system is one of the things in a vehicle that we don’t take notice of and we take for granted whereas it one the most important part of your vehicle that should be checked regularly. A good steering system enhance your comfort when you are driving your car and it is also important for your safety.

    There are two types of steering system:

    • Electric power steering system
    • Hydraulic steering system

    Power steering system makes it very easy for you to turn the steering wheel easily to any direction, when your vehicle is in motion, the power steering system helps you to steer and turn to any direction of your choice so easily that you don’t feel any force.

    Electric power steering is uses an electric motor to make turning of steering wheel very easy for the driver. Sensors in electric power steering detect motion and turning of the steering column, and then the computer module applies assistive torque through the electric motor that is coupled directly to the steering gear, thereby allowing various amounts of support to be applied, this depend on driving conditions. This system makes it possible for engineers to modify steering-gear response so as to make handling, and steering for each vehicle very smooth while driving. 

    Hydraulic power steering system is powered by the engine, this is the principle behind it; the engine in your vehicle drives a pump that supplies oil to the steering box under high pressure, then the valves in the steering box opens whenever the steering wheel is turned thereby allowing the oil to flow into the cylinder, the pressure thrusts the piston that helps to direct the steering in the right direction. The recommend distance of changing the hydraulic fluid in power steering by most manufacturer is 60, 000 miles. 

    The following are the signs you will notice when your steering system needs to be serviced;

    • If the steering wheel is becoming harder to turn
    • Power steering pump leakage
    • Vibration or shaking of steering wheel while driving
    • Whirring sound when turning the steering wheel
    • Production of creaks or knock sound when turning the steering.

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