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  • The battery in your car will not work forever, the average life span of a battery is six years, it can last up to that or lesser than that depending on your usage and how you maintain it. It can stop working anytime. Most people has experience the situation whereby you enter your vehicle and try to start your vehicle and nothing happens, no response from the engine. At Elite Euro Auto, we know this can be very frustrating and we are ever ready to attend to your needs when it comes to charging and replacement of car batteries. There are a lot of reasons why your battery will stop working suddenly. This ranges from poor maintenance of the battery to battery life.

    Poor maintenance of battery can make the battery to stop working at any time without giving a warning signal. Inactivity of a battery for a long time can make the battery to become dead. Old battery can also result to car not starting. If you notice any irregularity about your battery, contact us, our certified technician are ever ready to give answers to all your questions. We will explain to you why your battery is not responding and we will fix the problem for you. We also educate our clients on the importance of battery in their car and how maintain their battery to make it last long.

    The working principle behind car battery is this; a battery stores electrical energy, when you start your car, the electrical energy is then converted to mechanical energy that brings your engine to life. Then the alternator on the other hand, produce the current that is needed for all the vehicle’s electrical purpose when the engine is on. This current is initially produced by the car battery before the alternator take over. You can now see that the battery is very important in your car, without the battery, your headlights will not work, radio, air conditioning system, inner light will all be dead.

    Some day to day activities such as recurrent turning on and off of the ignition when going to near places can cause wear and tear to your battery, your movement to and from office everyday also contribute to the reduction in the performance of the battery, extreme weather condition, age of the vehicle, age of the battery and excessive use of electrical power in the vehicle are all various factors you need to watch out for when using your vehicle.

    At Elite Euro Auto, we know your car, we know the best battery for your car and we know the best way to repair and fix your battery. If you discover that your battery is not charging the way it should and is not keeping the charge for as long as it used to keep before or it is discharging faster than before. Bring it to Elite Euro Auto, we will charge It for you if it is only charging that is required of your battery but if not, we can help you to replace it if the battery has gone beyond repairs.

    Elite Euro Auto will fix and install your battery faster and safely

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