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    At Elite Euro Auto, we offer detailed air conditioning performance check and complete air conditioning recharge for your vehicle so as to keep your vehicle cool in summer, warm in winter and de-mist your windows during winter.

    Our experienced technicians will perfectly examine your air condition system for leaks or break down because the leakage of your vehicle’s refrigerant is both harmful to the environment as well as your car and your health. Refrigerant leakage can also damage the evaporator and compressor in your car if proper care is not taken. As soon as you perceive a change in the blowing of your air conditioning system, bring your vehicle to Elite Euro Auto, we will do the repairs perfectly for you.

    Irrespective of the make and model of your car, our technicians will do a thorough examination on your vehicle to find out any leakage and do necessary repair to prevent further problems. Our Air conditioning services include:  

    • Air conditioning component checkup
    • Air conditioning performance checkup
    • Air conditioning refrigerant leakage checkup
    • Air conditioning fitting checkup

    Elite Euro Auto knows your vehicle’s air conditioning system and we know the right and the best method to repair and maintain your car.

  • Automotive Air Conditioning Florence

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